Private Equity / Operating Company Investment Strategy

Investing as a Principal
Stewart Capital Partners and its investment partner have come together to pursue the acquisition of private companies in specific industries. We will act as principal by directly investing our funds to support acquisitions, growth and recapitalizations. We have purchased over 25 companies in the past 30 years with an average ownership term in excess of 15 years.

Acquisition Target Profile

Our investment approach involves:
•  A preference for middle-market manufacturing, distribution and service companies.
•  An investment in companies that have annual cash flow of $2–5 million.
•  A strong preference for companies in the Upper Midwest. However, we are willing
   to go outside of this area for the right opportunity.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy involves:
•  A preference to invest with a strong management group that is presently running
   the company.
•  We are willing to consider companies that have been well run, but may need a new
   senior manager.
•  We are willing to consider the acquisition of companies wherein we co-invest with a
   management team that has recent and relevant industry experience.
•  A goal to grow the company profitably and remain an investor until the management/
   co-owner wants to divest.
•  Since we are not a fund we have the ability to remain a partner with the management
   team long term.