AAR Corporation Expands Output Of Its Duluth Aircraft MRO Operation By Adding A Dual Motor TC/American Crane

October 20, 2016

TC-AmericanMajor inspections and complete commercial aircraft refurbishments cover the range of services AAR Corporation provides at its Duluth, Minnesota maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities. To meet growing demand, AAR recently expanded its output by adding a TC/American dual motor crane.


Integrated with two existing TC/American cranes in the Duluth facility, the additional 85 foot wide crane operates through the full length of the 180,000 square foot hangar facility. The new crane allows for removal of components from the aircraft and placing them on movable work stands for various inspection, repair, refurbishing and re-assembly operations. With a one ton capacity, the newly added crane enables efficient handling of flight controls and engine components while the two larger cranes handle larger components including entire engines, avionics, airframe modifications, structural repair and refurbished cabin assemblies.


“We’ve been operating at capacity the four years since AAR acquired and expanded operations here in Duluth, reports Mark Ketterer, AAR vice president operations. “Our current contracts are for work on narrow body aircraft in the Airbus 320 family from the shortest to the longest versions. We continue to operate at capacity, with 375 to 400 highly trained workers, servicing up to four of these aircraft at a time in this facility. We have completed service on over 250 aircraft owing to the efficiency of our skilled workers and the modern facilities that we have here including our newly expanded crane systems.”


New Eighty-Five Foot Wide Crane Design Allows Access To Most Areas Of The Aircraft For Inspection And Maintenance


Enabling workers to access almost any part of an aircraft, the TC/American crane system in the AAR Duluth facility is the finest crane technology in its class. Designed for safe and reliable transport and precise position of sensitive aircraft components, these TC/American cranes are equipped with dual motors operated by remote controls ensuring components are positioned quickly with precise accuracy. Safety systems ensure transfer of components which allows maneuvering and positioning components without contact between aircraft.


The new, one ton dual motor TC/American crane has a travel rate up to 100 feet per minute. With an 85 foot span, it features a bridge beam construction with a 10 foot, 8 inch wheel base with end truck ties and side rollers to prevent racking during crane travel. 1/2 HP motors with brakes operate by remote pendant.


The AAR Duluth’s multi-crane system allows for the smooth transfer of the load from the aircraft to various work areas. The result is a sure and safe transfer from one area of the facility to another without the need to set the load down and locate another piece of material handling equipment to move it into the next bay.


“Through its MRO service delivery network, AAR provides a consistent approach and process to maintenance and modification work done on every aircraft type across its five aircraft repair stations in the United States,” reports Mr. Ketterer. “The same quality service is delivered at all of AAR’s MRO locations including major hangar facilities in Miami, Oklahoma City, Lake Charles, La., as well as Duluth. A sixth MRO facility is being built in Rockford, Illinois to serve next generation aircraft.”


Ranked one of the top three global MRO corporations, AAR’s customers include North American and international commercial airlines, department of defense and their contractors, aircraft leasing companies, domestic government agencies and foreign militaries.


TC/American is a leading manufacturer of Patented Track under-running bridge crane systems and monorails supplied to customers worldwide in the aviation/aerospace, mining and heavy manufacturing industries.


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